When you plan for a restaurant kitchen design and commercial kitchen design in Chicago, then you will surely need our expertise. We take care of the entire project management starting from design specification, layout, equipment selection etc.

We make use of the novel technology to bring you the best commercial kitchen design and cafeteria kitchen design. We consider all the aspects associated with the kitchen design as we have a team of skilled and experienced professionals. We have a great background in commercial kitchen layout and food service kitchen design for schools, restaurants, and universities.

Usually in older restaurants, the kitchen is not that well designed as it has small and confined space. However, nowadays schools, universities and restaurants seek for a much better and spacious at the same time ergonomically well designed kitchen. The equipment should be easily accessible at the same time kitchen operators should have a good amount of space to move around. Being experts in food service kitchen design and commercial kitchen layout our skilled team will give what you need and want. Food storage should be proper and tools should be easily accessible by kitchen operators. It may be temporary kitchen design or cafeteria kitchen design for schools or restaurants, many things have to be taken into account like flooring, lighting, cooking stations, placement of freezers, food preparation area etc.

Restaurant owners , chefs and kitchen operators will be happy to work in a convenient restaurant kitchen design. If the kitchen design is good it will save energy, time and effort as this in turn would increase your profit. Menu preparation is the important part while designing a restaurant kitchen; developing a menu list will help you to figure out the required equipment. Take care of the various aspects like space, energy and safety. A small kitchen will not make your business profitable, the cramped kitchen will not let you produce large quantities of food to cater your customers. Moreover, an alternative space or extension planning will cost you an arm and a leg. The equipment should be purchased with energy star rating for highest efficiency. Ergonomics is the way your kitchen will operate and flow. The kitchen should be spacious at the same time it should allow the kitchen operators to access things comfortably. There should be no comprise in terms of ergonomics and energy efficiency; also the kitchen operators and chef’s suggestions and preferences should also be noted. When you come to us, be relaxed and leave the rest to us. Our team will consult your chef and kitchen operators and will offer you the best kitchen design. We also have expertise in creating a perfect temporary kitchen design for school cafeteria, universities and restaurants.

Block design or the zone configuration means how the kitchen is separated into various spaces. You should allot areas for cooking, refrigeration, storage, serving and dish washing. The alignment of all these areas and grouping appliances in the kitchen is vital to enhance the productivity. Refrigerators and coolers should be placed near the preparation area; ice machines and other instant preparing equipment should be kept near the entrance so the serving crew can access them quickly. In the preparation table you can keep the food processor and the mixers. The kitchen should be safe to avoid any mishap, if any such thing happens it will affect your business considerably. So safety should be always given top priority while designing a restaurant kitchen. Lighting is also equally important, the kitchen operators and chefs should be able to comfortably chop, fry, saute and bake. The food should be appealing and this requires proper lighting. As soon as the customer sees the food, they should be tempted to eat it and for that the chef should make the food more colorful and presentable. So lighting will help the chef to prepare the right food that is both appealing and tasty.

Besides temporary and restaurant kitchen, we also deal with modular cafeteria design and modular kitchen design in Los Angles. Gone are the days where kitchens are boring and very simple. Modular kitchen has changed the traditional kitchen concept. Modular kitchen has stylish look; comes with all the facilities and makes cooking very interesting. Our classy and trendy modular kitchen design and modular cafeteria design is adored by everyone. The modular kitchen is designed using high quality wood and materials are purchased from reliable and trusted vendors.

Today the modular kitchen is preferred by all; it may be only a single area but as different functions like cooking, dining, and above all it is the centerpiece of the home. People especially women are more concerned about the kitchen, it’s there area and will always love to have a great modular kitchen with all the amenities. Kitchen is very essential space in a home and is always given a special treatment. Effective planning, good choice of material and easy maintenance are the key to good modular kitchen designing. Everything in the picture and the model will look good but one should check whether it will be useful when it turns real. The kitchen space should be used wisely so that it looks good and easy to use. We do all this for you. Trust us and get ready to cook in your dream kitchen.

We are the best people who can design fabulous and a great kitchen for schools, universities and restaurants. The kitchen design will be different for schools and universities; the schools will like to have a different kitchen set up while restaurants will need a more comfortable kitchen. We are specialists in designing the right kitchen design to suit your needs and demands. Whether you want to serve students or your customers, reach us and we will do the needful. We understand the client’s taste very well that’s the reason we are able to deliver the ideal kitchen design for you. For good kitchen design solution to get in touch with us; our team is ready to guide you.